Chances are if you're a Bay Area Foodie, you have already enjoyed a meal by one of the Taco Guys and you didn't even know it.

The Taco Guys are Jason Hoffman and Justin Close: two chefs who, over the past two decades, have created menus and prepared meals in some of the most celebrated restaurants in the Bay Area. They are serious food lovers.They talk about food. They dream about food. Even their vacations revolve around food, including guest-chef appearances in various cities. Simply put, these guys are obsessed with food.

After enjoying successful careers in a number of fine restaurants, Jason and Justin decided to strike out on their own and take their passion for food to the streets. The Taco Guys travel through Marin County, Alameda County and San Francisco in their mobile kitchen, serving up some of the best and most original tacos in the area. Their focus is on the highest-quality, local, organic ingredients and imaginative recipes. Their experience as Bay Area chefs and enthusiasts of all types of food – from simple street fare to fine cuisine – enables them to draw on a limitless palette of flavor combinations.